Chucks: My Shoe Game of the week


By: Chequelle Brown

It’s summer and it’s pretty hot outside! With me being a college student in summer school there’s a lot of things that needs to get done and quickly. All of the walking I have to do around campus is a lot sometimes. Depending on the schedule for that day and what needs to get done on campus, I’m there for a pretty extensive period of time. While I’m there walking around and carrying all these books everywhere, I might as well have on cute comfortable shoes right? I think so too.These beauties posted above are also a new addition to my closet. I love chucks! They’ve become apart of my life since high school. They are affordable for me and my budget, cute and comfortable.

With chucks, they come in every color and I can pretty much wear them with whatever outfit I decide to put together that day. There’s two different styles to choose from: the low top and high top. I think every girl should own a pair. Even if you aren’t the type of girl that wears kicks hardly ever, these are some that you should consider getting. I own a pair of low top all black pair and the high top red and white ones as well.

They look good with dresses, pants, shorts, and even skirts. They are definitely a win and a must have for the summer. These shoes provide a nice touch of femininity and if you haven’t had a chance to go and get that pedicure yet, putting on these might be that lifesaver you need until then.

Photo credit: google


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