Braids, Braids, and more braids,


By Chequelle Brown

Hi guys! I’m back with another summer tip. It just seems as if it keeps getting hotter and hotter and raining more and more and no one has time for that! I’m always worried about my hair during this time of year especially because it’s more easy for it too sweat and not hold a style. It won’t hold curls or anything for a long time with this humidity we are experiencing. So with that being said, my advice to my African American, and Hispanic women would be to get braids or a very nice weave. It is very convenient. 

I braid hair for girls all the time and I have a picture posted at the top of this post of my roommate’s braids whom I recently did on the left and a picture of me and my braids that I did on the right. To get these braids are very simple and a bit time consuming to do them. Braids protect the hair from heat from a flat iron and they look great. For those who do not know how to braid , I would be glad to make a post telling you all how to do it if you want.  The most rewarding thing is that women always tell me how convenient these braids are to them and how much they love the work that I have done.While these braids are in the hair, it is easy to just look and go or create a style of your own with how you want your hair to be styled that day.

Ill hit you guys with more summer tips really soon. I hope this helped.



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