Long Socks for Summer: Hit or Miss?

By Chequelle Brown

I have been slipping a little on the shoe alerts and what’s been going on. Last weekend the Retro Jordan 8’s were released and as always there was a big commotion about the shoes as there are every time a new Jordan shoe comes out. If you’re a Jordan shoe fanatic this comes as no surprise. The thing that has been surprising to me though is the socks that I have been seeing people wear with kicks this summer. It seems that long sock are the thing to wear with your kicks.

When I first saw this, I only saw this among males wearing the long socks with their kicks for the summer, but now it has turned into something that women are doing as well. For me I’m not participating in this trend because honestly it is just too hot for me to have my legs sweating more than they have too. I will say though that it does look good on a lot of people that I have seen. There is nothing better than wearing a cute outfit with shorts and a nice pair of kicks in the summer.

Wearing these socks with your outfit I feel only needs to be worn when a person is wearing shorts. I say this because if you’re wearing pants and has on long socks what’s the point really? These socks must be eye catching and cool looking. I’ve seen that the more decorative they are , the more people wear them. I look at it as a fashion show for socks to see who has on the coolest ones. I have friends who are both male and female and they love this trend. They are always online searching for a new pair of socks. If you’ve seen this trend hit me up and let me know what you think about it.

Photo credit: Google


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