What girl doesn’t love a Red Lip?

What girl doesn't love a Red Lip?

I really adore Red lipstick! It was the first color I ever tried on my lips! It’s so hot and I do believe that it is for every woman despite what people may say. Its sexy its seductive, its an all purpose color! The RiRi Woo by MAC sold out before I could buy it so I settled for this other Red lip stick called NK Lipstick. I LOVE this lipstick too! I’m always looking for a reason to wear it just so I can smile at people with my red lips lol. It is so easy to apply. It does not crack or anything when you apply it. It is everything I say E V E R Y T H I N G! It only cost me $1 too. I got it at a beauty supply store.

imagejpeg_2 (10)

Here’s me with the lipstick on. I think its awesome.
TIP: REFRAIN from having crazy eyeshadows when wearing Red lips because trust me LESS IS MORE. I did only foundation, concealer, a eyeliner above my eyes and my red lip. Before I applied my red lip lined my lips with Rimmel London “Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner”. This lip liner is the best I’ve used thus far. I don’t have to sharpen the liner I just roll it on and keep it moving. It is so convenient.

The Best cure a girl can wear is her smile so cheese it up!

Oh and here’s the Queen in a hot red lip too. Enjoy! 🙂



Photos: Google


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