CATFISH RECAP: “You’re RIght I’m not Bow wow, I’m Shad Moss”



This is how I watch “Catfish” every episode!

I don’t think that I have ever hollered so much in my natural born life the way that I hollered at the TV screen last night! This has been an excellent week already for television. “Catfish” the television show is just everything! I live for this show because of how real the situations are. I don’t even think that the greatest writers of the greatest sitcoms in the world could make this up! Yes, I referred to it as a sitcom because “Catfish,” although a reality show is hilarious!!!!! Last night was the episode where this girl thought that she was dating the rapper/actor/tv host Bow wow. Why she thought that is beyond me, but hey who am I? “Bow wow” sent this girl $10,000, told her how “he” was in love with her and wanted to be a family, blah, blah, blah, etc. “Bow wow” turned out to be this short lesbian woman and who dresses like a man. These women are mainly called “studs.” When I saw that woman walk out of that house, I SCREAMED for dear life! I’ve never laughed so hard at anything in my entire life! It was the most weirdest yet most entertaining thing I have ever seen on reality TV too date. If you haven’t seen the episode, you should. I’m pretty sure that you could catch the rerun on MTV or online. I just would like to thank God himself for this show and all of its cast members, because every Tuesday night at 10 pm on MTV i can expect a grand laugh! See yall next week lol




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