Late night thinking….Love

It’s so hard loving someone who isn’t good for me. The relationship has been long dead, but no matter how hard I  try I just can’t shake them. I don’t want to be together, well sometimes I think about it, I just want to get to the point where I’m no longer bothered by ANYTHING they say or do. I guess these are the effects of real love.
  It’s weird and annoying when I have these thoughts because they happen out of the blue at times I can’t really control them. These roaming feelings are preventing me, well I’m allowing them to stop me from fully moving on.
     I find something wrong with everyone I’ve talked too since this person. Wait no there’s was something wrong with all of them who am I kidding, but still I WANT TO MOVE ON! The cliche is everything happens for a reason right? Love is a funny thing.
– Chequelle


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