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Hey guys!!
Check out the first ever episode of TV TURNT UP called “Nyesha Jenkins,” it’s a hilarious skit about a ratchet news reporter who is not impressed with a man wearing shades on the inside of a building. You will laugh your ass off! Enjoy and spread the word!



CATFISH RECAP: “You’re RIght I’m not Bow wow, I’m Shad Moss”

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This is how I watch “Catfish” every episode!

I don’t think that I have ever hollered so much in my natural born life the way that I hollered at the TV screen last night! This has been an excellent week already for television. “Catfish” the television show is just everything! I live for this show because of how real the situations are. I don’t even think that the greatest writers of the greatest sitcoms in the world could make this up! Yes, I referred to it as a sitcom because “Catfish,” although a reality show is hilarious!!!!! Last night was the episode where this girl thought that she was dating the rapper/actor/tv host Bow wow. Why she thought that is beyond me, but hey who am I? “Bow wow” sent this girl $10,000, told her how “he” was in love with her and wanted to be a family, blah, blah, blah, etc. “Bow wow” turned out to be this short lesbian woman and who dresses like a man. These women are mainly called “studs.” When I saw that woman walk out of that house, I SCREAMED for dear life! I’ve never laughed so hard at anything in my entire life! It was the most weirdest yet most entertaining thing I have ever seen on reality TV too date. If you haven’t seen the episode, you should. I’m pretty sure that you could catch the rerun on MTV or online. I just would like to thank God himself for this show and all of its cast members, because every Tuesday night at 10 pm on MTV i can expect a grand laugh! See yall next week lol



88 Shimmer Palette Update and Catfish

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by Chequelle Brown

HI guys,

Okay I’m going to give an update on the makeup palette that I blogged about a few weeks ago and talk about one of my favorite shows “Catfish.” The Shimmer palette that I blogged about a few weeks back is simply AMAZING! I love it! It is so easy to apply and it makes me feel like a new girl. It’s so easy to apply and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I feel like it appeals to my skin tone with me being a darker skinned girl and it allows me to bring a little color to my eyes. I will be posting pics soon of what I look like using what kinds of colors and how I do them. I’m not a makeup artist or anything, i just know what looks good on me. I’ll try to experiment more as the time goes on.

Now MTV’s “Catfish” is EVERYTHING. I love this show! I think that it is the best non-scripted series that we’ve seen in awhile. For those of you who do not know what “Catfish” is , it is a show about individuals wanting to meet the person that they have been in an online relationship with. The I guess you can call them “investigators” Nev and I think his name is Max, help these people figure out if the person that they’ve been talking too are who they say they really are.

We’re in season two of this show and I love it to death! I think that it is hilarious to watch and I know that the situation itself is not entirely funny ,but how it happens is. “Catfish” brings a sense of realness without violence , and that is something I can continue to watch. Unlike all of these other “reality” shows that are out now, “Catfish” provides suspense and it is so exciting! I live for this show and all of its antics lol.  It will hold me over until scandal comes back on in the fall. If you don’t watch “Catfish” I suggest you get into it. It’s a really good show I promise. Plus I’ll be talking about it every week on my blog.

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